Fetal Bovine Serum (South America). Embryonic Stem Cells tested - 100ml

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) South America, Embryonic Stem Cells tested: The serum is tested with Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell E14. Pre-screening of the serum is an essential procedure before using it for the culture of mouse Embryonic Stem cells (mES). mES Cell Qualified FBS are manufactured for maximum in vitro growth. When growing ES Cells, one of the most important parameters is the maintenance of the mouse embryonic stem cells in the undifferentiated state. Research requires the highest possible serum purity to prevent adverse differentiation. An external laboratory pre-screens FBS batches to eliminate the time-consuming and costly process of testing and re-testing. Each batch of sera is pre-screened for: Plating Efficiency and Proliferation, Morphology, Pluripotency markers by FACS analysis : SSEA-1, SOX2, OCT-3/4 and alkaline phosphatase (AP). The results are compared to a control lot of serum. The biological performance is assessed using cell culture medium supplemented with a final concentration of 12% serum.  
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